Contributors to the book

Below are links to some of the artists, writers and photographers who have contributed to the book Wood Storms, Wild Canvas.


Author Gurdeep Stephens


Artist Godfrey Stephens


Words and Photos by Lloyd Kahn, editor in Chief of Shelter Publications


Foreword and photo collage by Robert Amos, artist and writer


Photography by Aija Steele


Photography by Doug Van Sickle


Words by Joe David, artist


Words by Luis Merino, artist


Words by Peter Grant, historian


Words by Arran Stephens, writer, businessman, philanthropist


Words by Tilikum Stephens, artist


Photography by Devin Card


Photography by Joaquin Pedrero


Photography by Garth Woodworth


Photography by Henrik Lindstrom


Photography by Danny Norrie


Words by Alexander von Kliest


Words by Nikos Daroukakis


Photography by Molly Grant


Photography by Christopher Roy


Photography by David Shipway


Editing by Marial Shea


Cover by David Carey of Carey Graphics


Final book and cover design, layout and typesetting by Jan Westendorp,

Kato Design and Photo


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