About the Author

Gurdeep Stephens grew up listening to tall tales told by her exuberant sailing uncle,

Godfrey Stephens—tales of beatniks, artists and far-flung places. She and Godfrey

have corresponded for most of Gurdeep’s life. In her own adventures, Gurdeep has

lived in many different countries. She speaks five languages, and has sung, written

and otherwise accomplished various things, like getting a master’s degree in biology

(which, by a quirk of timing, she received before her BA) and practicing real estate.

Gurdeep now resides on the Pacific West Coast with her partner and two children.

She is passionate about sustainable agriculture and food security, and lives by the

words of her organic farming, songwriting grandfather, Rupert, who said, “always

leave the soil better than you found it.”

Wood Storms, Wild Canvas: The Art of Godfrey Stephens is Gurdeep’s first book.

Her second book, This Earth Is Ours: 30 Organic Years Along Nature’s Path was published

on March 4th, 2015.

Gurdeep Klukchitl

photo by Devin Card

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